USB Cup Silicone Warmer Coffee/Tea


Product Description

  •  Connect the USB cable to the computer or 5V charger switch interface, coasters begin to generate heat.
  • The need for thermal insulation on the silica glass coasters, then it can play the role of insulation (please don't use the recessed bottom cup, glass Cup is best)
  • Please do not use this insulation Cup for outside functions.
  • Please Unplug the USB cable when don't use, to extend the life of the product.
  • It is only used to keep your tea or coffe warm,but not for heating.


  • Not smooth cup bottom, the insulation cup, the mineral water bottle and the bottom of the thick quilt is not recommended use.
  • Coasters Temperature about 60 degrees, Do not let children play
  • When not in use, cut off the power in time


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Found on:

27 May 2019